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Types of saunas

Not sure which sauna suits your needs and your budget? We have prepared a flowchart to help you decide.
Choose the right sauna
Sauna on lake From a small exterior cabin to a modern minimalist sauna combining tempered glass, stainless steel and/or corian, there is a large variety to choose from. Saunas Balear manufactures and sells custom-manufactured dry-heat saunas (the "Finnish" sauna), wet saunas (also known as a hammam, steam or "Turkish" bath) and easy-to-assemble infrared saunas.

Interior saunas are much more common due to their lower cost and lower energy consumption. Most people consider it convenient to have the sauna located inside their home, near a shower room or bathroom or in the basement of their home.

Outdoor saunas offer a more authentic experience so if you have limited space inside your home, an outdoor sauna is an option worth considering. It can be fitted with a window to take advantage of the view or situated in proximity to a swimming-pool.

Infrared saunas use infrared waves to heat your body. It has advantages and disadvantages compared with traditional saunas. Read more about infrared saunas to help you decide if this is the right sauna for you!

A steam sauna, also known as a steam bath or Turkish bath, consists of lower temperatures than a dry-heat sauna but with a high level of moisture. Steam is created by a steam generator situated outside the steam bath.

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