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Sauna options

#1: Sauna size
After deciding where you want your sauna, measure the optimum size keeping in mind that we offer a selection of standard sauna sizes which can be constructed in less time and save you money. Decide how many people will be using your sauna and if space allows, allow for enough length for people to lay down.

Prefer a custom size? We can increase or decrease the width or length of any standard size in increments of 7 centimeters (the width of a single board). And of course, your sauna doesn't have to be square or rectangular; walls can be angled and the ceiling can be slanted. Whatever the final size, remember that the exterior height of our saunas is always 2,06 meters (explained in our FAQ section) and exterior walls and ceiling can be extended to give your sauna a more finished look.

#2: Type of wood
We offer saunas in either Scandinavian pine or in Canadian Hemlock (see FAQ section for more information about wood types). The vast majority of existing saunas are made of Scandinavian pine. Using Canadian Hemlock will give your sauna a richer, slightly darker and more aesthetic look.

#3: Standard or deluxe?
We offer the same model saunas in standard and deluxe versions.

The standard version includes a complete sauna in either Scandinavian or Hemlock pine with stainless steel sauna heater, external control panel, heater guard, fire-protectant heater plaque, sauna benches, flat backrest, duckboards covering the exposed area, a sauna lamp and all necessary accessories to start enjoying your sauna (volcanic rocks, thermometer/hygrometer, sand timer, wooden bucket and ladle and eucalyptus fragrance).

The deluxe version adds additional features such as a digital display control panel with more programming options, anatomical backrests, closed benches and duckboards covering the entire floor of your sauna.

Alternatively, you can select a standard model and customize it with only those options which you choose.

#4: Control panel
Saunas Balear has chosen to install a Helo-manufactured heater with an exterior control panel in all its saunas. Sauna heaters with integrated controls are inconvenient since they need to be adjusted manually and inaccurately below the heater.

Optionally, you can order a digital control panel (model DIGI1), with digital temperature display, wider programming options, time, light switch, etc... This option is included in the deluxe version.

#5: Number of exposed sides
Interior saunas are most often installed showing only one visible, exposed side (the front face of the sauna). Exterior saunas nearly always have 3 or 4 exposed sides which is one of the factors increasing their cost.

If your interior sauna will be installed showing more than one exposed side, we can finish the other visible sides in the same wood (Scandinavian pine or Canadian Hemlock). The charge for this option is calculated per square meter of additional wood and will be explained in your quote.

#6: Type of door
Both our standard and deluxe models come with a single 53 cm. wide by 184 cm. tall wooden door, with a near full-length, double-glass window pane measuring 40 cm. by 172 cm.

Optionally, we can install a full glass door or a door with a smaller glass window (65 cm. by 21 cm.) if privacy requires. If you are interested in a different door, we will quote this option separately.

Note that sauna doors should ALWAYS open to the outside. Please specify whether you want your door to open to the right or to the left.

#7: Windows and glass inserts
Any sauna can be fitted with a full-length glass insert (next to the door, for example) or with one or more windows. We have made saunas with an entire glass wall.

If you are considering any of these options, please let us know and we will quote it separately.

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