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Interior (or indoor) saunas: details and specifications

Saunas Balear manufactures interior saunas out of Scandinavian Pine or Canadian Hemlock. The exterior panelling of your sauna can be finished to match its environment, combining various materials such as wood, corian, glass, aluminum, stone or tile.

Finnish dry-heat saunaAs a building block of any interior sauna, we use a double-panelled "sandwich" system — measuring 5,8 centimeters (for visible sides) or 5 centimeters (for hidden sides). The panels are mounted on a frame and isolated by fireproof rock wool, meeting all EN13162 norms.

All electrical wiring run inside a fire-retardant corrugated tube hidden between the panels. This insures a proper electrical installation and extends the life of your sauna.

The "sandwich" panel system has the following advantages:

  • We can increase or reduce any standard size sauna in increments of 7 centimeters, extending the range of available sizes without limit.
  • The panels interlock to provide rigidity to your sauna.
  • This method facilitates transportation, makes installation faster and allows you to take your sauna with you if you move.

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